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If You Find Your Child Struggling In Academic And Social Issues

Many a time, parents notice that their child is facing difficulties in adjusting himself in the school; whether it is in academic or dealing with peers in the class. They as well as the teachers are unable to figure out the reasons. Your child may be irritable, aggressive, uninterested, meddlesome, in attentive and many a times become violent. He may also not be completing his tasks like noting down the work from black board, or would at times tear off his books, unable to be seated at one place and be quite unorganized. All these may seem common and normal at times; but there is something underlying beneath this behavior which the child is unable to convey. Here the role of a counselor would help you identify the cause and provide you with remedial suggestions to deal with such behavior. This timely intervention could save something fatal which could become unavoidable in future. So as a parent it becomes your responsibility to seek timely help and help your child overcome the difficulty.