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Milinder Bedi

About Milinder Kaur Bedi

Ms. Milinder Kaur Bedi is a counseling psychologist with expertise in dealing with clinical disorders and issues relating to stress, anxiety, mood disorders, child and teenage issues, marital and relationship issues, crisis interventions and family therapies.

She is a Major in Psychology with specialization in clinical psychology as well as diploma in counselling and family therapy. She has a vast experience of more than 15 years in dealing with children of all ages (3 to 18 yrs) where she has helped them identify and provide remedial solutions in areas of learning difficulties and behavioural issues. In fact, her association in the field of education led her to learn behavioural sciences and pursue a career in psychology and counselling with a vision to reach out to the community and help people in distress. Her mature and empathetic personality along with competent and proficient skills in therapies reflects in her approach while counselling and dealing with issues addressed.

She is the founder at Healing Minds which is a counselling centre located at south Delhi, where she is currently practicing, with the vision to heal, guide, facilitate and heal people in distress through holistic therapeutic experiences.

Our Mission

  • To listen, guide, facilitate and heal through therapeutic experiences.
  • To resolve the root cause of the issues addressed providing long term benefits.
  • To help the clients gain a positive outlook towards life.
  • To make them self reliant and strengthen their coping skills.
  • To help them gain clarity in thoughts to lead a stress free life.
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