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Personality Assessment

“Why does she behave this way?”, “He is so weird”, many a times we come across these statements around us. People always want to know why others or they themselves behave in a certain pattern, and if anyone is suffering from certain psychological and social interaction issues, it becomes all the more necessary to find out the root cause of their behaviour. The overt behaviour is a reflection of interactions among a wide range of underlying factors, including the bodily state and the effects of that person’s past experiences. The complex human behaviour occurs as a constantly changing set of challenges, pleasures, demands, and stresses of everyday life. Here no better assessment than Personality Assessment can help. Personality assessment is the measurement of personal characteristics as feelings and emotional states, preoccupations, motivations, attitudes, and approaches to interpersonal relations of an individual, to define the traits, measure them objectively, and relate them to socially significant aspects of behaviour. At Healing Minds, the counsellor is a trained psycho-metrician, and assess the personality to identify and guide those suffering from various issues, to diagnose, treat psychological disorders for holistic healing of the mind.