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Stress is a word we often hear in our day to day life. Any problem we immediately blurt out; “Oh! I am stressed out; I am so stressed”. There is no denying fact that it has become an integral part of our lives. Though stress to some extent keeps us motivating and helps us perform better. Stress is actually related to an individual’s perception about his ability to deal or cope with a particular situation or event. Stress is not only created externally in our environment but also internally, by creating unreasonable, unrealistic demands or expectations from ourselves. Stress, therefore can be triggered externally as well as internally.

When an individual perceives that he or she is in a threatening situation or unable to cope, messages are sent to the brain, following which the body begins reacting and an individual experiences an increase in heart beat, breathing, pulse rate, sugar levels. Chronic stress can adversely affect one’s body’s immune system too. Thus, if one experiences stress for longer periods and takes no time to reduce stress levels, one becomes more vulnerable to all kinds of diseases.

So if you are experiencing stress and you think it is normal ,everyone goes through stress these days, then probably you are under the misconception that stress affects everyone the same way; A BIG NO! Every individual has its own coping mechanisms and which when they are unable to continue, end up stressed. Here is when you need to talk to the counselor at Healing Minds as she would guide you and help you develop the right coping skills to manage stress. “ADOPTING THE RIGHT ATTITUDE CAN CONVERT A NEGATIVE STRESS INTO A POSITIVEONE”