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Teenage Counselling

In the current scenario and challenging competitive environment the most affected are the growing children; in particular the teenagers; whom the world does not count in adults or as children any longer. They have to keep up with peer pressures, lucrative distractions of the social media as well their own turmoil between development and identification of self. At this stage and juncture of life they find themselves dealing with immense pressure and find no solace or solution with parents or peers. And their attitude and tantrums become a cause of concern for patents. Some are able to handle, while others fall prey to various psychological disorders or substance abuse. Also we cannot deny the fact of the growing prevalence of genetic disorders which are coming in the forefront and require immediate attention and help. At Healing Minds all these issues are catered to, by diagnosing and providing remedial modifications and suggestions to parents and the teenagers and children with special needs, so as to adapt themselves to deal with the problems faced.